Livigno: A Gem in The Italian Alps

Nestled in the Italian Alps near the Swiss border, Livigno is the ideal destination for a summer vacation in the mountains.  Whether one is looking for a romantic weekend or an extended family vacation, Livigno offers activities and attractions to suit any taste.  Many visitors prefer the mountains in summer, with the clear air, outdoor activities and stunning views of the Alps as background for the day’s adventures and discoveries.

For many, Livigno’s reputation as a duty free shopping destination is the primary lure for a short visit.  It is an easy journey to reach Livigno from St. Moritz, and well worth the effort to explore its many shopping treasures.  In addition to the tax-free status, the range of quality goods available at bargain prices make this Italian resort a perfect place to visit for a summer excursion.  There are duty free stores that offer electronic goods, perfumes, jewelry and even local wines to sample, as well as other spirits and luxury items.  Even the most discerning shopper will be satisfied with the selection and prices in Livigno duty free stores, with no VAT tax.

For those seeking outdoor activity, Livigno offers a cool, stable climate in the summer months with daytime highs between 14 and 16 degrees centigrade.  This allows visitors the opportunity to explore the breathtaking mountain terrain via hiking, mountain biking and climbing.  There are natural parks nearby and for those who want a more relaxing journey; the famous “Bernina Red Train” will take you to the summit of the Alps near St. Moritz.  Afterward, you will be ready to enjoy a sumptuous meal in the international restaurant in Hotel Alexander Charme as the perfect end to your day.

If you combine the world class shopping and outdoor activities along with a stay at a Livigno hotel wellness such as Alexander Charme, you can experience in a few days the best of all worlds.  By using the hotel wellness center and spa, you can rejuvenate yourself with a massage, Turkish bath, and sauna or simply relax in the pool and Jacuzzi.  Booking an extended stay here is an easy way to spend quality time with your loved ones in this idyllic alpine retreat.  A Livigno summer vacation in the mountains holds many diverse and enticing possibilities, assuring visitors of a memorable and rewarding getaway.


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